Marc Clifton

Please Marc Clifton for details regarding the following projects / work experience:

Work Experience

  • Lead Architect / Developer of an advanced computation framework supporting the design of communication satellites
  • Implemented high performance analysis tools for switch network redundancy / failure analysis for communication satellites
  • Developed Internet over satellite simulations
  • Team Lead for automated satellite design development tools
  • Documented best practices for unit testing Front Desk stock and bond trading software
  • National Information Exchange Model instructor / consultant
  • Lead Architect of Record Management Systems
  • Technical Editor for Sams Publishing
  • Tiger Team Lead, assisting other teams with database architecture and reporting issues
  • Designed Document Imaging suite for voter registration application suite
  • Team Lead, Educational Software
  • Team Lead, Video Surveillance
  • Videometric Analysis Software, Image Processing, and Embedded Software Development


  • XML and Declarative Instantiation
  • Relationship Oriented Programming
  • Traceract
  • Unit Testing
  • Methodologies (Agile, Scrum, DSDM, TDD)
  • NIEM and IEPD's
  • Imperative, Declarative, and Functional Programming


  • Microsoft MVP, C# 2004-2008
  • Code Project MVP 2005-2010
  • Code Project Article Award Winner 2003, 2004, 2012

Other Experience

  • Jordan Schipper Co., Total Quality Management / ISO 9000
  • Dale Carnegie Institute, Human Relations, Graduate Assistant
  • Non-Violent Communication

Community Building

  • Social Finance
  • Income / Wealth Pooling
  • Waldorf Fundraising Network
  • Time Banks

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